Ladbrokes is one of the online casinos that strives to keep its collection of slots up to date and the release of the ‘Untamed’ series is just one of the many examples. Right now there are three distinct titles, and whether they choose to play Wolf Pack, Bengal Tiger or Giant Panda, players will have just as much fun.

Untamed Wolf Pack is a five reels slot game that presents players with 243 distinct ways to win, and the chosen setting for this game is the Canadian wilderness. The beautiful graphics do it justice and both the regular signs and special Wilds or scatter symbols are elegantly crafted to enhance the gaming experience. Special features such as the Running Wilds or the Collect-A-Wild add more flavor to the game, and further increase the chance the player has to win by granting free spins and wild tokens.

Those who are looking for more exotic slots, but don’t want to miss out on the financial opportunities presented by the Untamed Series, should look no further than Bengal Tiger. This time the setting is the lush jungle and the Eye of the Tiger feature is responsible for some of the most generous payouts. The Collect-A-Wild, Lucky Nudge and Gamble features are all available in this slot game alongside the immensely popular Trailing Wilds feature.

The latest installment to the Untamed Series is the Giant Panda slot game and the fact that it includes all the aforesaid features, proves that Ladbrokes intends to keep them. When the Collect-A-Wild is triggered, wild tokens appear whenever the wild symbol lands on the reel, while the Lucky Nudge is responsible for scatter symbols appearing on reel edges. The Gamble feature grants players more flexibility when choosing the amounts wagered, being equally satisfying for highrollers and cautious players.