Keno at Betsson casinoKeno is a type of lottery game that is traditionally played live, but can also be found on the internet at most online casinos and on machines in some brick-and-mortar casinos. It is simple to play, requires no skill and many places have adopted Keno as a national or state lottery.

The name is thought to derive from the French word “quine”, meaning “five winning numbers”, though it is believed that the game originally developed in China, with immigrants bringing the game to the western world in the 19th century.

Best Keno Sites

These are great casinos offering Keno:


When Keno is played live and a draw is about to take place, staff members known as “Runners” usually wander around the casino, handing out tickets and processing peoples bets. When you play online you simply place a bet and klick on the start button to get started.

In live Keno 80 numbered balls are placed into a clear glass machine which draws 20 balls randomly. Online a software random number generator will select a completely random sequence of 20  numbers out of the 80 possible ones. Keno players select up to ten numbers (sometimes they also have the option to pick twenty) and the more matches a player has after the numbers are drawn, the greater the prize they receive.

Each casino has its own Keno pay table and may offer players unique novelty bets, jackpots, bonuses and surprise features. Betsson casino’s Keno stands out as having the most fun Keno game we have seen online, offering nice graphics and both a bonus feature and a hefty jackpot to increase your winnings. Ladbrokes casino on the other hand has a game where you can pick 15 numbers, thereby increasing your chances of matching more of the random numbers. The payout is lower because if this though, so it comes down to what you prefer.

House Edge

As every casino has a unique pay table, it is difficult to specify the casino’s edge at Keno. Depending on where you play, it can range from as little as 3% to as much as 35%, making Keno a possibly poor long term bet for casino players compared to e.g., Blackjack or Roulette. Make sure to check the casino you are playing at.

Basic Strategy

Sadly, there is no basic strategy for Keno as the random nature of the draws means that the outcome is purely down to luck. As it is impossible to beat, the best Keno strategy is to simply enjoy yourself and make sure you play at a good casino (see top list above). Stake only what you can afford. If you are looking for some lasting fun you should play the game live as it is much slower than playing on a machine. If you are looking for a faster pace you should play Keno online from the comfort of your home.