It is never too late to become an integrate part of All Slots Online Casino’s loyalty club, but the new version represents an opportunity that is simply too good to be missed. David Brickman was the one to spread the news on his blog and both existing and prospective members should take notice and grab the opportunity. The benefits of joining such an exclusive club are both numerous and significant.

The best things haven’t changed and players are still going to collect one point for each wager of ten units, as long as they play games that have a 100% contribution rate. Slots are of course the bulk of these games and redeeming 1000 points in exchange of ten currency units is possible, but more points can be accumulated each month. To be upgraded to Silver level means that players will enjoy an additional 10% additional loyalty points and things only get better as you climb the loyalty level.

Gold members receive 25% more loyalty points, Platinum ones will have twice as much and the ones that will be lavishly rewarded are Diamond members who will have all their loyalty points doubled. While bonus points are the most attractive part of the deal, there is more to be awarded to those who join All Slots Online Casino new loyalty club.

Exciting promotions such as the Destination Bonus City are held each month and eligible players can win prizes worth thousands of dollars. A minimum deposit and some wagering requirements should be met, but the conditions are nothing out of the ordinary and players won’t feel any pressure. Big bets translate into better chances to win the jackpot or one of the numerous prizes offered by All Slots Online Casino.