Net Entertainment might be known mainly for their innovative games with eye-catching visuals and modern designs, but the Jackpot 6000 video slot is a good proof of their craftsmanship and ability to build on time-proven concepts. The video slot itself draws inspiration from the popular slot called Jackpot 2000, although there is plenty of novelty involved to keep you entertained throughout. Those who would fancy a few old-school spins will surely fancy spending some time at Jackpot 6000 – but even those who have no such inclinations should enjoy what Jackpot 6000 offers.

Theme and Graphics

Jackpot 6000 is an old-school game, so don’t expect any 3D graphics or astounding visual effects. The good thing is that you are indeed going to feel exactly as you would feel in front of an actual slot machine, with the background adding to the entire atmosphere. The sound effects also fit in rather nicely, so you will be in for a real treat – complete with traditional symbols like cherries, lemons, stars and jokers.


These days, players sometimes need to spend a few minutes consulting the rules in order to get a hang of things. Well, that is one of those things that you simply won’t have to worry about when it comes to Jackpot 6000, as there are just two features you need to pay attention to – and both of them are integrated into the game in a seamless manner.

First of all, all of your winnings are automatically bet on Heads or Tails, allowing you to flip a coin in order to get a chance at doubling the winning amount. Let’s be clear here – you might not like that option in all situations. Thankfully, it is a bit more complicated than that – you can play for the entire amount by simply clicking on the heads or tails buttons, but you can also click on the transfer button in order to save twenty coins from the total amount. Alternatively, you can also skip the entire thing by pressing the collect button or continue until you manage to win 3000 coins or more.

Secondly, there is the Supermeter mode, which you can enter by pressing the spin button when playing for a max bet and getting a winning line. The Supermeter mode gives players a chance to win on two jokers anywhere on the reels (for a mystery amount) while playing from an alternative bankroll that is displayed at the top of the screen. The Supermeter mode will end whenever you reach 6000 or more coins, but you can also bail out and collect the rest of the bankroll by pressing the collect button at any point.


It’s hard to say anything negative about Jackpot 6000. One could obviously criticize it for not being up-to-date or for not having any innovative gameplay features, but such criticisms would be missing the mark. The goal of Jackpot 6000 is to provide players with a true old-school gaming experience – and that goal has certainly been accomplished. We all need a break from all those movie-themed video slots from time to time – and this particular video slot is well-suited to become one of those games we tend to turn to during such breaks.

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Rating 3.9 by CasinoGamesReview