When it comes to classic video slot gaming action, you can’t really go wrong by turning over to Betsoft’s Jackpot 2000, which is bound to charm you with its simplicity, old-school feel, and exciting features that can turn ordinary winning lines into real bonanzas. In fact, the only real downside of the game is that it isn’t available in as many online casinos as you would like it to be!

Theme and Graphics

Those of you who still remember classic slot machines will feel at home straight away, as Jackpot 2000 features familiar visuals, including symbols that depict cherries, bells, lemons and stars. The obligatory joker also makes an appearance and there is no doubt that you will indeed always appreciate seeing him appear – hopefully in more than just one copy.

The sound effects fall in the same line, so you will be in for a nostalgic ride through a really classic video slot gaming experience. Objectively speaking, however, those who are looking for modern visuals and a really tense atmosphere are probably not going to be pleased that much.


Gameplay is the one thing that most players care about the most and the good thing is that Jackpot 2000 does indeed deliver much more than just a recreation of a typical slot machine. In fact, two interesting gameplay features are present.

First of all, there is the heads-or-tails feature that allows you to take a shot at doubling your payouts by correctly predicting the outcome of a coin toss. A good guess will double your money – and you can continue for yet another coin toss. A bad guess, however, will leave you with nothing. You can also transfer money back to your purse through the transfer button in order to decrease the risk and feel more comfortable (just make sure that you will check the amount you’re about to risk before every single coin toss).

And, to top things off, you can also choose to enter the Supermeter mode by hitting the spin button straight away after hitting a winning line while playing for a max bet. In the Supermeter mode, you only need to find two jokers on the reels in order to win a mystery amount of coins, with the highest possible win being as high as 10 000 coins – a jackpot-like payout indeed. You can end the Supermeter mode at any point by pressing the collect button, while you can also try doubling the total amount by hitting the transfer button and therefore entering the heads-or-tails minigame once again.


Jackpot 2000 is one of those games that you simply cannot evaluate by comparing them to the rest of the video slot gaming scene. After all, its main intention isn’t to top the charts and to stay in everyone’s sight all the time – its main intention is to provide some entertainment for those of us who miss those good old days of classic slot machine gaming. Jackpot 2000 offers players to re-live those moments, albeit with some modern touches that enhance the gameplay and, in turn, the overall experience. Give it a spin or two – we guarantee that you aren’t going to be disappointed.

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Rating 3.8 by CasinoGamesReview