Irish LottoThe Irish Lotto is a popular lottery game in the British betting shops, mainly because it is far more flexible than the UK National Lottery. Based on the Irish National Lottery draw, this popular lotto game is sometimes referred to in Ireland as “Lucky Numbers”, to avoid confusion. With regular draws on Wednesday and Saturday, as well as a special Monday draw, you’re never short of opportunities to win big money with the Irish Lotto!

Where To Play

Paddy Power is a great bookmaker to buy your regular Irish Lotto tickets from, as their payouts are marginally better than most bookmakers in the UK. For example, the vast majority of bookmakers would give you £6.50 for correctly choosing one number on the Irish Lotto Six Ball draw (£1 stake), whereas Paddy Power would pay you £7. That may not sound like much, but those small amounts all add up in the long term. It’s always a good idea to go with the best odds!


The regular Irish Lotto game actually comprises three separate draws; the “Main Draw”, plus two bonus games, referred two as “Plus 1″ and “Plus 2″, or sometimes simply “Draw 2″ and “Draw 3″. Players have the choice of picking their numbers for the Main Irish Lotto draw only, or they can play the same numbers on one or both of the additional draws to provide a greater chance of winning.

All three Irish Lotto draws feature 45 numbers and of these, six will be drawn, along with a seventh “Bonus Ball”. Players must choose when placing their bet whether or not they wish to utilise the bonus ball – doing so provides an extra chance at having a number draw, but reduces the potential winnings accordingly.

Players must decide how many of the drawn numbers they wish to guess and the amount they wish to wager. In order to win, all of the chosen numbers must be drawn. The potential Irish Lotto winnings will depend on the players choices, detailed below.

Irish Lotto Payouts

Six Ball Draw (first six numbers only)
One correctly chosen number = 6/1
Two correctly chosen numbers = 55/1
Three correctly chosen numbers = 570/1
Four correctly chosen numbers = 6,500/1
Five correctly chosen numbers = 100,000/1

Seven Ball Draw (first six plus Bonus Ball)
One correctly chosen number = 5/1
Two correctly chosen numbers = 35/1
Three correctly chosen numbers = 300/1
Four correctly chosen numbers = 3,000/1
Five correctly chosen numbers = 30,000/1

NB: These payouts are taken from the popular online bookmakers Paddy Power, who pay marginally better odds than most bookmakers on the Irish Lotto. You may find that your own payouts differ slightly, depending on where you bought your tickets.

Monday Million

On Mondays, there is a special Irish Lotto draw called the “Monday Million”, which only features a Main Draw and a “Plus 1″ draw. Both Monday Million draws have fewer numbers to choose from than the regular draw – 39 in total.

This particular lotto game is played in exactly the same way as the regular Irish Lotto, with the option of either the six or seven ball draw and the ability to choose your own stake, only with fewer numbers to choose from. This means that there is a better chance of winning, but of course, the payouts are slightly lower. However, the Monday Million still represents a great opportunity to win big money from a small stake.

Monday Million Six Ball Draw payouts
One correctly chosen number = 4/1
Two correctly chosen numbers = 40/1
Three correctly chosen numbers = 375/1
Four correctly chosen numbers = 3,750/1
Five correctly chosen numbers = 50,000/1

Monday Million Seven Ball Draw payouts
One correctly chosen number = 3/1
Two correctly chosen numbers = 29/1
Three correctly chosen numbers = 199/1
Four correctly chosen numbers = 1,599/1
Five correctly chosen numbers = 14,999/1

NB: Monday Million payouts taken from the Coral website.

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