Everest Poker joins the ranks of the the largest poker network in the world in what is expected to be a mutually beneficial partnership. iPoker Network is preparing for a split but until this major moves is made, it consolidates its place at the top in the wake of a Party Poker and Bwin merger. The influx of French players coming from Everest Poker is expected to strengthen their French division which is currently struggling.

While iPoker expands its customer base, those who play on Everest Poker will be granted access into a broader network and enjoy new platform as well. It might come as a surprise that the company decided to forsake their proprietary software but this is the price to pay for joining iPoker Network. For the players the chance is for the better as it is widely accepted that the new platform is more stable and user friendly.

Conquering the French market was a priority for Playtech and now that their poker network welcomes a new member that has a solid foothold in France, they are one step closer to that goal. Very few are concerned about what will happen to Everest Poker’s proprietary software, but specialists expect it to go for sale. We have seen that before with Ongame network and the odds are high for a buyer to be found shortly as the software is both reliable and has a friendly interface.

The iPoker Network split is imminent and the reason it will occur is to protect casual players from the poker pros who give them no chance at the table. While the professionals are not thrilled with this move, their concerns are shared by Pokerhuis and Gutshot Poker who will leave the network.