The highly anticipated November Cash Back promotion is in full swing, and InterCasino players have already started to claim 10% cash back. It is refreshing to know that those who wager significant amounts at online casino games, can recover as much as $400 this month. The promotion runs from November 1-29 and consists of four weekly segments, with the first one ending today and the second beginning on November 8.

Each time a new weekly cashback promotion begins, existing members and new players need to enter the special cold to qualify for the cashback. There is also a minimum deposit of $25 required, and one thing that all players need to keep in mind is that this amount has to be deposited at least once per week. Those who follow all these steps and have the misfortune of losing money while playing slot games, will have 10% of their losses refunded each Friday.

InterCasino calculates the losses as the net amount lost, so any winnings will be subtracted before the 10% are calculated. This means that if players finished the week on a positive note, it will not matter how much they’ve lost if overall they’ve managed to stay above the profit line. On the good side, all the games qualify for this promotion including live casino games, so no restrictions would apply to those who meet the standard requests.

Speaking of which, there are no wagering requirements and players can bet as little as they want and still be eligible for the 10% cash back. Those who play mostly baccarat or roulette, should know that even money bets don’t count and neither do those wagers made on free to play games. This is particularly useful for those who have discovered the thrills of live dealer roulette and hooked to this game.