Developed by software provider Cryptologic, the Frightmare Slots use just like the name suggests, a plethora or scary themes but offer a two-tier progressive jackpot for the brave players. Among the titles that InterCasino proudly offers are Zone of the Zombies, Witches and Warlocks or Vampire Bats.

The first and larger jackpot is known as the Monster Jackpot while the smaller ones goes by the name of Spooky Jackpot and both of them can be won on any spin. Those who intend to compete for these generous prizes at InterCasino should know that the higher the wager is, the better the chance of winning the large jackpot.

The Vampire Bats game will appeal to those who don’t mind playing a game that is full of gory logos and vampire slots symbols. Players will win the maximum amount with the symbol depicting a vampire in human form with his victim, but the vampire bats on the hunt trigger the release of additional prizes. There are of course various signs that are regarded as wards against vampires, such as garlic, holy water or crosses, and plenty of scary candles, bones and mirrors to create a creepy atmosphere.

After they’ve got their fix with the Vampire Bats game, players can move forward and experience the Witches and Warlocks slots which pit the aforesaid creatures against each other. Witches are the scatter symbol while the warlock is the wild one, with cauldrons, crystal balls, skulls, spell books and potions being also scattered all over the reels. When three witches appear on the reels, the Witches and Warlocks feature is activated and the creatures start fighting, while the players bet on one or the other. As the life meter is depleted, the player will be awarded a generous prize if he wins or a consolation prize if he loses.

Zombies are trending right now, so it comes as no surprise that InterCasino players are big on the Zone of the Zombies game. A payout of six thousands coins is awarded when the zombie wild symbol appears, while the hero fighting the undead is the scatter symbol. He makes use of a diverse arsenal that includes maces, machine guns and tanks while other symbols range from chopped limbs and eyeballs to female victims. The hero fights five undead and if he prevails the player is awarded with cash prizes that vary depending on how many zombies are killed.