Online slot machines are largely based on luck and chance, but it is possible to improve your chances of winning with the right knowledge. To do this, you need to understand some basic concepts about gambling in general, in addition to knowing how the different slot machines work.

Don’t expect to win on every spin
Common sense should make you realize that it is highly improbable that you will win on the majority of your spins. There will be barren spells in which your winnings will range from slim to non-existent, and this needs to be factored in when playing on online slot machines. The key is to put yourself in the best position to weather the storm until your luck changes.

Understand the win cycle
Once you have come to terms with the fact that wins will come and go, you need to work out your playing aims and vary them according to where you are in the win cycle. Most slots players fall into one of two categories: the “play longer” types who play predominantly for entertainment and are less interested in big wins; and the “play for a win” types who are solely aiming for wins. The most successful slots players move between these two playing categories depending on where they are in the win cycle. For example, a “play for a win” slot machine may be the best option while you are still hoping for a win that brings a profit, but you should switch to a “play longer” slot machine once this has happened to preserve the rest of your bankroll (the amount that you are willing to wager). If you continue playing on a “play for a win” slot machine after a big win, there is a good chance that you will lose at least some of your profit while seeking another big win.

Picking the right slot machine
Picking the right type of slot machine is an essential part of understanding the win cycle. To determine whether a particular slot machine is a “play for a win” slot machine or a “play longer” slot machine, look at the payout table. In most cases, the slot machines with lower top line payouts and a strong payout table are more likely to yield wins of some description, even if they are lower the potential wins on a slot machine with higher top line payouts. This is where the majority of your wins will come. It is tempting to choose a slot machine with a higher top line payout, but while these will offer bigger wins, they are less likely to provide wins in the first place. When looking at the payout tables, assess the proportion of winning combinations that exceed the number of coins that you are willing to wager. To maximize your potential profits, this figure should be at least fifty per cent.

Examine the odds
If a particular slot machine has two or more lines, the chances of scoring a winning combination are reduced in comparison to a slot machine that only has the one line. This is especially true of lines that require you to match more than three symbols to secure a winning combination. If you can find a slot machine with only requires you to match three symbols on one line, this is more likely to yield a win as the odds of this happening are more favorable than those with more lines and symbols.