The house edge is the advantage the casino has when you play casino games. Casinos are business establishments and to guarantee their survival all casino games offer odds that are slightly in the hosting casino’s favor. This means that on the whole all casino gamblers lose more than they win, but this does not change the fact that individuals can make a lot of money – there are just so many players who lose that it all evens out and leaves a little extra for the casino.

Different casino games have different house edges, and while you should pick a game that you enjoy playing it is also a good idea to be informed about the differences. Here is a table of some of the more popular casino games and the house advantage for each one:



Edge %

Baccarat Bank 1.06 80
Player 1.24
Tie 14.4

Craps Pass/Don’t 1.4 30
Field 5.6 100
Hardways up to 16

Roulette Double 00 (American) 5.26 50
Single 0 (European) 2.7

Caribbean Stud Ante 5.3 40
Bonus 48

Let It Ride Base 3.5 40
Bonus 15 – 30
Big Six Wheel One 11.1
$5 $10 $20 16-22
Joker 24

Keno Average 27 7

(Varies depending on Skill, Rules and number of decks used.)
Basic Strategy  1/2   (.5) avg 60
Poor/Hunch 3-5
Counter Player’s advantage

Video Poker(Varies on Skill , Game type and Pay Table) Perfect Play Player’s advantage 600

It is clear that Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack and video poker offer the lowest house edge if you play them properly. If you prefer Roulette stay away from the American kind and play the European Roulette instead, where the house edge is about half that of the American.