Roulette is the all-time classic casino game and one that is very favoured by high rollers. Here we have a look at high stakes roulette and the online casinos that let you play with very high limits. We also offer some advice that can win and save you a lot of money

Several online casinos have forgone the table limit completely for roulette, limiting individual bets only. InterCasino will for instance let you make individual outside bets of up to $10,000 per bet and individual inside bets of up to $1,000. As long as you stick to these limits, it doesn’t matter how large your total bet on the spin is at InterCasino.

Casinos with High Limit Roulette Tables

Outside Bet* Inside Bet** Table Limit***
Pinnacle No Limit (but there is a table limit) No Limit (but there is a table limit) $5,000
InterCasino $10,000 $1,000 No Limit
VC Casino £5,000 £250 £65,000
Unibet €5,000 €250 €75,000
Betsafe €2,000 €100 No Limit
Ladbrokes £1,000 £125 No Limit
Paddy Power £400 £20 No Limit
Rushmore $250 $250 $500

* This is the limit for each individual outside bet, i.e. if the limit is $5,000 you can make one $5,000 bet on red, another $5,000 bet on black, and so on.

** This is the limit for each individual inside bet, i.e. if the limit is $5,000 you can make one $5,000 bet on the number 18, another $5,000 bet on the number 19, and so on.

*** This is the table maximum. It limits the maximum amount of money a player can wager at the table for an individual spin. Quite a few online casinos have no table limits.

Picking the Right Roulette Game

You normally have the choice to play either European or American roulette, and sometimes also a French variety. Under no circumstances shall you pick the American kind, also known as “double zero roulette”, where the casino has a massive 5.26% house edge. The European and French varieties are “single zero roulette” games and give you much better odds at 2.7%. You sometimes see other names for these Roulette varieties, but go for the one with a single zero when possible. If in doubt, simply ask the casino what the house edge is and use 2.7% as your maximum acceptable disadvantage.

In some brick-and-mortar casinos there are European roulette games with a very low 1.35% house edge (such as the Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Mirage, Rio, and Wynn in Nevada), but we have not seen that online yet.

Where to Play High Roller Roulette

High stakes players should choose their casino depending on whether they usually make outside or inside bets. Casinos such as Unibet, VC Casino or InterCasino stand out from the crowd when it comes to outside bets, with the latter allowing its players to wager as much as $10,000 on an outside bet.

Those who prefer to focus mostly on inside bets, but are willing to wager a lot of money on a less likely event such as a straight number bet, should check out Pinnacle. This casino allows high rollers to wager an incredibly high amount of $5000 on an inside bet, which is in fact more than the sum of the next ten competitors combined.

Also make sure you’re happy with the table limit – even though individual bets might be large enough, the table limit could still stop you from playing at the level you want.

Roulette Systems

High rollers should not take betting systems and strategies too seriously, but playing at a table with no, or a very high, limit gives you one advantage – if you use something like the classic Martingale or Fibonacci systems, and start with a low bet, it takes longer for you to hit the table limit.

Remember though, that progressive systems are not necessarily going to keep you profitable in the long run and might be very costly while you chase the next win. Make sure you do not start betting at too high an amount, or you will too soon run into either the table limit or the bottom of your chip stack. Start low and use the high limit to your advantage to recover earlier losses. You can also go with a positive progressive roulette strategy where you increase your bets when you are winning rather than losing, to make the most of lucky winning streaks. One example is the Paroli system.

Read more on roulette strategies and systems here: Roulette systems


Due to taxation, many players try to limit the amount they have to share with the authorities by choosing casinos that do not tax their profits.

Those who live in the European Union are advised to play at casinos that are licensed within the EU, because winnings are then typically tax free. However, make sure to check what the law is in your particular country.

Players based in the United States are obligated to pay taxes on all profits. All winnings are taxable and must be declared as income on your tax return. All losses are deductible as an itemized deduction for recreational players, limited to the amount of winnings declared. Professional gamblers hold file as a Schedule C self-employed business.