High-stakes casino players are an elite group of gamblers that have unique expectations and access to substantial amounts of money. Whether they prefer to play in a brick and mortar casinos or in their online counterparts, they share the same passion for reliable games with high bet limits and the adrenaline rush of winning big. The purpose of this page is to help those wanting to enter this exclusive group of players by providing valuable information about the best casinos that cater to high rollers, the most profitable games, VIP programs, taxes and more.

Top High Roller Casinos

Pinnacle Sports Casino is currently the best option for high stakes players. They focus almost solely on satisfying players looking for high limits and also offer a generous 0,3% cashback on all bets! Their Blackjack ante bet limit is £6,000 and you can bet £3,000 on a single spin in Roulette. They also offer Baccarat and Craps in high limit varieties.

The Complete List of Casinos for High Stakes Players

These casinos are the best options for high stakes players today, Thursday August 5th 2021:

In the table below, you can find examples of casinos that permit wagers of $250 or more. Please note that as a high roller, it might be possible for you to negotiate even higher individual limits by contacting the casino directly.

Casino Blackjack
Max bet per hand
Max bet per hand
Max outside bet
Maximum single bet
Pinnacle $10,000 $5,000 $5,000 $2,000
Ladbrokes £5,000 £500 £1,000 £100
InterCasino $5,000 $500 $10,000 $500
Unibet €3,000 €1,000 €5,000 €100
VC Casino £2,500 £250 £5,000 £500
Betsafe €500 €1,000 €2,000 No Limit
Paddy Power £300 £300 £400 £250
Rushmore (U.S friendly!) $250 $250 $250 $100

VIP Programs, Comps and Bonuses for High Stakes Players

Some casinos focus on making the high rollers experience as good as it gets, and some just offer a few high limit games. Having a roulette or blackjack maximum bet of $5000 and allowing players to wager as much as $1000 in a single spin is great, but not enough. Casinos catering to high rollers need to uphold the highest security standards and guarantee the fairness of their games, as well as offer first-class support to their VIP players. Anything less than impeccable customer service and dependability is not acceptable.

Normally there are custom bonuses for high rollers, but also have a look at what the casino offers in terms of reload bonuses and the percentage of your deposit that they match. High rollers easily deposit tens of thousands and having a significant part of these funds matched greatly increases their chances to stay profitable.

One thing that is less important for big spenders is the turnover requirement, because these players don’t employ a hit-and-run tactic. Many casinos have very strict wagering conditions, but this should not have a deterring effect on those who find their other bonuses and loyalty programs alluring. Also see if you can get a lump sum of money at the end of the month, depending on how many comp points you earned over that month .

Sometimes it is the little things that matter and some casinos go a step further than others to service VIP players – high rollers might, for example, receive birthday presents in the form of money gifts where the wagering requirements are not that strict. What many players regard as vital is to be able to spend this kind of bonus cash playing most casino games instead of being limited to a select few.


High rollers typically wish to be able to deposit and withdraw large sums of money, and they want it to be quick. Instead of looking at the figures stated on the casino site, our suggestion is that you contact the costumer service or VIP Club directly to discuss your needs, because it is often possible for a casino operator to make exceptions for high rollers and allow larger deposits and withdrawals. You may also be assigned a special VIP host that will make sure that all your withdrawal requests are processed right away instead of being queued together with requests made by other players.

Casino operators can not affect the processing time of your bank or any other third-party processor, but they can speed up their own end of the work and also recommend transaction alternatives that they know from experience tend to work quickly for their customers.

Another thing that is worth bringing up is if you can get a special deposit bonus by using certain transaction methods, such as Skrill (Moneybookers), Neteller or direct bank transfers. Check the percentage and the upper limit of the bonus. Is the limit per deposit or per day or week? For a high roller, making several smaller deposits to take full advantage of a deposit bonus might be worth the extra hassle if it’s a good bonus offer.

High Roller Casino Tips

#1 Chose a well-established casino
As a high roller, you can win serious money. If you win a huge amount of cash in a small, newly opened casino that is struggling to make ends meet, they might be reluctant to pay you and might start stalling and looking for all kinds of loop holes. This type of behavior is not common, but it does happen. Also keep in mind that if a casino operator files for bankruptcy, your chances of seeing any of your winnings are slim.

Therefore, high rollers should ideally stick to well-established casinos with a good reputation, casinos that will have no problem paying you. For a well-established casino that is making good money, you winning a huge amount of cash it not bad news – it’s great news! Don’t be surprised to see them not only pay out your winnings swiftly, but also send out press releases telling the world about how a player in their casino banked an enormous win. (You can naturally request to remain anonymous throughout this, and be referred to simply as “James A.” or “an English player” or whatever suits you.)

#2 Don’t hesitate to contact the customer service and VIP Club right away
As a high roller, never hesitate to contact the customer service and VIP Club of a casino right away, even before you become a member. Ask about what special offers they have for high rollers and see what they can do for you, e.g. give you a special welcome bonus tailor-made for high rollers, give you instant access to the VIP Club, give you higher table limits, invite you to special promotional campaigns and immediately assign you a personal VIP host.

Some online casinos will honor your VIP status from other casinos. This means that if you have reached a high VIP level in Casino A, you might be able to go directly to a high VIP level in Casino B as soon as you sign up with Casino B. Contact the VIP Club directly to discuss you options, since many casinos do not post this type of info directly on their site.

#3 Don’t Hit and Run
Most online casinos have some fuzzy paragraph in their Terms & Conditions that basically states that they can refuse to pay you if you seem seedy, and that they are the judge, jury and executioner of the matter. This paragraph is there to protect them from fraud, but can unfortunately become a problem for non-fraudulent players too.
One of the things that tend to send up all kinds of red flags is customers that accept a big bonus, win big and then instantly tries to clean out their account. To avoid being labeled as an unwanted customer, it is therefore best to avoid hit and runs.

Even if you luck out and win big right after becoming a member, resist the urge to empty your account. You can make a small withdrawal, e.g. the amount of your original deposit if you have cleared your bonus, but let the rest sit there for a while. Instead of being labeled as an unwanted customer, the casino is likely to see you as someone who might lose all that money and then some in the future, i.e. a customer that they better stay on friendly terms with.

Also see tip number #2, if the casino knows that you are a high roller with a high VIP status in other casinos, they are likely to think twice about kicking you out even if you happen to win big during your first day as a member.

Taxes and High Rollers – Can You Avoid Being Taxed on Winnings?

Can you avoid paying taxes on the winnings, or at least minimize the taxed amount? First of all players need to know that only profits are taxed, regardless of where the online gaming sites are registered. There is a significant difference between the legislation in European Union and United States, so it is essential to check out where the operator is licensed.

In the EU you typically don’t need to pay taxes on your winnings if the operator is also licensed in the European Union, otherwise the winnings are taxable. Note that you’re typically taxed on all winnings, but can not deduct any of the money wagered. It’s thus not really a profit tax, as it’s not your actual profit that’s taxed but the sum of all your winnings no matter how much you wagered or lost to win it. This might be different in different EU countries though, so please make sure you know the legislation in your country.

In the United States anything that you won gambling is subject to taxation, which means that high rollers are particularly exposed. The IRS doesn’t care if the players have deposited a significant amount and then won only a fraction, because any profits are regarded as income. It is even worse if the money is subsequently lost, because players end up paying as much as 50% on amounts that they didn’t actually benefit of.

Instead of taking chances and not declaring winnings, players should keep track of all their expenses and take advantage of the fact that losses are regarded as itemized deductions. One cannot deduct any amount that exceeds their winnings, but as long as he can prove that he invested as much as he won he won’t have to pay a dime. The presumption of innocence doesn’t apply in these cases and it is the player himself who needs to keep track of all the payments he made and all the losses he suffered.

Players should also be aware that the IRS doesn’t demand people to declare smaller wins, with anything below $1500 earnings in keno, $1200 in bingo or slots and winnings below $600 in other casino games being tax-free. On the other hand, high rollers usually don’t care as the very nature of their activity is expected to lead to substantially larger gains than that.