Let’s face it – casino gaming has always been about the thrill that comes with knowing that a big win might be just around the corner. Well, that does certainly sound a bit like gold mining – sometimes, you have to walk away empty-handed, but there is always a chance that you are going to strike gold and walk away as a very rich man. Playtech have apparently seen the connection as well, as their Gold Rally video slot game mixes the two themes in a very impressive fashion.

Theme and Graphics

The game is not going to impress you with too many animations or effects, but the atmosphere of a gold mine is a gripping one and you will feel like a true treasure hunter. The regular symbols carry imagery of horseshoes, dynamites, gold wagons, and pistols, while the two special symbols depict scales and dynamites.


With its nine reels (yes, each block spins independently) and eight paylines, Gold Rally is as classic as it can possibly get with its no-frills approach to slot gaming. Perhaps you have already become used to seeing wild symbols in virtually every single slot game – well, you are not going to find any such things in Gold Rally.

Instead, there are only two features that stand out. Firstly, there is the scales scatter symbol. Three of them can make a winning payline and give you a nice bonus, but things get even more exciting whenever you find five or more scatter symbols on the playing board. Your scatter wins are – very generously – multiplied by your total bet and can therefore fill your pockets with plenty of cash.

There is also a bonus feature that is activated whenever you manage to get four dynamite symbols in the four corners. A map of the gold mine will show up and it will be up to you to select the right digging spots. Fortunate decisions will be rewarded with large payouts, so take your time and pick wisely!


Many other slot games with progressive jackpots have complicated bonus games or elaborate schemes that you have to go through if you want to win big. Well, that is not the case when it comes to Gold Rally, which has already paid out tens of millions of dollars to the lucky winners. In this entertaining slot game, you just have to get nine scatter symbols on the board at the same time while playing for the maximum amount. Winning progressive jackpots has simply never been easier!


Gold Rally might not be the most fashionable game around, but the steady numbers of players show that fancy graphics and complicated gameplay mechanics are not the most important things in online casino gaming. The most important aspect is fun – and Gold Rally is one of the most enjoyable games on the market with its unique simplicity and progressive jackpot. And the best thing? In many online casinos, Gold Rally is also on offer as a mobile game that you can enjoy on the go!

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