Playtech, one of the world’s leading online casino games developers, has become well-known for its series of Marvel-themed slot games and its most recent release is undoubtedly going to add even more to that feeling. Ghost Rider has everything that a good video slot game should have – fancy graphics, smooth gameplay, and big jackpots – and there is every chance that it is soon going to become the most popular game of the series.

Theme and Graphics

Ghost Rider comes with fanciful graphics that feature the main characters from the comics series and is set to catch your attention with its atmospheric setting, which is topped by dramatic music that sets the stage nicely for the action that is going to unfold on the five reels. There is a wild symbol featuring a close-up of the demonic rider himself, while the bonus game symbol depicts the rider in his full form. Finally, the scatter symbol is all about the game’s logo.


The graphics might be fancy and interesting, but what about the actual gameplay? Well, if it could be summed up in one word, the word would be solid. Like in almost all modern video slot games, there is a wild symbol that can substitute for all regular symbols and a scatter symbol that does not have to occur on any given payline and that calculates its payout by multiplying your total bet.

Three or more scatter symbols activate the free spins feature, which comes with 10 free spins and a 3x multiplier that pushes the potential winnings even higher. Meanwhile, the wild symbols expand during the free spins, allowing even more winning combinations. And, to top things off, more free spins can be won during a free spin, so they can keep going on for quite some time.

Even more excitingly, there is also a bonus game that starts whenever all five reels are activated (a reel is activated whenever a bonus game symbol appears in its center). The bonus game allows players to help the Ghost Rider hunt down ghosts and collect cash rewards for doing so.


Ghost Rider is a part of the Marvel series, which means that is linked to the shared multi-level Marvel Jackpot, allowing players to win big while enjoying their favourite video slots. With the biggest jackpot starting at €100 000, there really is a lot of money to be won. All it takes is a little bit of luck – and you can increase your chances of getting an entry to the jackpot minigame by increasing your stakes.


The Ghost Rider video slot is a nice addition to the Marvel series and, if you are a big fan of the theme and the new Ghost Rider movies, you are undoubtedly going to love it. And, if you are just looking for a really compact game that can be enjoyed without any hassles or overly complex game mechanics, Ghost Rider might be exactly what you are looking for. However, too much of the same can definitely be a bad thing and it would be really nice to see Playtech becoming a bit more innovative in the near future – and perhaps even staying away from the Marvel series for a while.

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