If you don’t have the time and money to travel to an island resort and spend the cold months in such an oasis of serenity, Spin Palace can provide you with a second-best alternative. Party Island is one of the latest Microgaming slots and it packs quite a punch, in terms of both visual appeal and prizes. It is hard to find a better diversion these days, to forget about winter, snow and windy days, without leaving home.

Everything is just peachy in Party Island with symbols such as dance and record, cocktails, Bikini girls or sunrises bound to turn even the grayest day into a vibrant party. Microgaming was not cheap when designing this slot game, and the richness of colors is only surpassed by the finesse of both regular and wild symbols. The Party Island Logo is the wild one, while the Glitter Ball is the scatter symbol.

For a slot game that has just nine pay lines and limits players to wagering the maximum amount of five coins per pay line, Party Island still offers juicy prizes. It is arguably not what highrollers seek, but high coin denomination somewhat tips the scale into their favor. Veteran Spin Palace players will find regular spins just as exciting, as has those animations triggered by the dance or record symbols are breathtaking.

What makes this slot game different is that some of the coolest animations are associated with regular symbols, so their frequency is quite high. At Party Island the music never stops and even when the wheels are not spinning, players will hear some happy tunes. Since this is one of the latest Microgaming slot games it is live only in selected online casinos, but it’s rising popularity proves that it is here to stay.