Not so long ago, Full Tilt Poker was on the brink of collapse, with its assets frozen by the Department of Justice and players suing to recover their money. Since PokerStars took over their ailing business, it has returned to its former glory and both existing and new players populate their tables. Now that all those who were eligible for reimbursement were paid and the venture is booming once again, Full Tilt Poker is ready to make another giant leap forward by adding online casino games to its offer.

The transition will be silky smooth, because the company announced that all new titles will be incorporated into their existing client. Those who have a keen eye for details have probably noticed that Full Tilt Poker has tweaked and upgraded its client several times this year and it is now obvious why they did it. Roulette and Blackjack are the first games to be added and initially they will only be available to clients residing in the United Kingdom.

PokerStars is trying to conquer new frontiers and they are testing the waters in different niches, including the potentially lucrative online casino business. Through Full Tilt Poker, it could tap into the immense potential of the UK market, so it is only fair to assume that they will invest as lot of time and resources in this project. They have no intention in abandoning their plans regarding online poker in the United States either, but for the moment they are still waiting on favorable legislation to be passed nationwide.