The designers from Net Entertainment seem to be full of great ideas these days, so the fact that they have released yet another excellent game, called Fisticuffs, should not come as a big surprise. Boxing is a theme that hasn’t really been explored that much on the video slots gaming scene, but the Fisticuffs slot game is bringing it out in the best possible light and those of us who like superbly polished slots are bound to spend countless hours enjoying all of its fabulous features.

Theme and Graphics

If you have always enjoyed watching those black-and-white boxing videos, you are going to feel at home straight away, as Fisticuffs has everything that true boxing fans might ever need. The symbols – rather fittingly – depict accessories like bells, shoes, boxing gloves, trophies, and, of course, belts. Two boxing characters also make an appearance as wild symbols and enhance the game’s atmosphere, which also gets a nice boost from the elegant animations and superb sound effects. The retro feel is there in every single part of Fisticuffs – and, if we are to be absolutely honest, it is pretty much impossible to find a video slot that could match Fisticuffs in that particular department on the market right now.


No modern video slot would be complete without a bunch of special gameplay features and the Fisticuffs video slot is indeed no different in that regard.

First of all, straight wilds can appear on the center reel and trigger a special effect – accompanied by a nice animation – that transforms more symbols into wilds if one or two diagonal wilds appear on the same row.

Meanwhile, diagonal wilds – that appear on reel two and reel four – also trigger a similar special effect whenever they appear diagonally to a straight wild.

Both of these specialties fall under the same header, as, whenever they are activated, you are also going to get one free re-spin that comes with a chance of getting stacked wilds on the outside reels and an opportunity to win big. A visual feast is going to unfold in front of your eyes – and you will only be asked to sit back and enjoy seeing all those coins flying into your pockets.


It would be fair to say that the Fisticuffs video slot isn’t really the most innovative game out there, but you would also have to add that, at the same time, it is one of those polished games that excel and impress even without the novelty factor. Those who like boxing will surely spend plenty of long hours enjoying the classic atmosphere of this 5-reel, 10-line video slot – and even those who would simply want to enjoy a short break from all those movie-themed games filled with unreachable jackpots will love what this little gem offers. So go ahead and give it a spin or two – with a little bit of luck, you will be able to wrestle some coins away from your favourite online casino!

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Rating 4.1 by CasinoGamesReview