Recently a player from Finland had an extraordinary day when he tried his luck on the ”Arabian Nights” slot at popular CasinoEuro. The happy winner hit the enormous jackpot of 3.2 million, being one of the biggest pots ever recorded in the online casino history of Finland.

Here’s a short interview with the lucky player, who was still in awe after the massive win.

What was your first thought when you saw you won a 3.2 million jackpot?
I was in shock. I could not believe my eyes. I was just thinking if this is true or not. I saw massive amounts of numbers on the screen and I tried to take a picture of it with my mobile phone but I was in such a shock that taking a picture was just impossible.

What kind of reactions you got from your friends and family?
The only person I have told so far is my girlfriend. I called her immediately; she was working a night shift. She also didn’t believe what just happened. We couldn’t sleep at all that night. We plan to tell our friends and families but a little bit later, after we have realized what has actually happened.

Any plans to celebrate the big win?
We haven’t celebrated this yet, I’ve been going to work as usual. But for sure we will celebrate a little bit later, one way or the other.

Do you have any special plans for the money?
We live in an old house and the plan is to renovate it and also change our old car to a new one. I have never been abroad, so it would be nice to travel as well.

How long have you played at CasinoEuro?
For about five years.

Why did you choose CasinoEuro?
I chose CasinoEuro because the site and games are really clear and interesting.

What is the best thing about CasinoEuro?
I like CasinoEuro because the site and functionality is really great. I have an old modem but still the site and games works very well. I have tested other sites but CasinoEuro is by far the best.

What is your favorite game?
My favourite game is Arabian Nights.  (no, really?! /Editor’s remark)

What makes the game special?
Game looks good and has good wins

Would you recommend CasinoEuro to others?
Yes, definitely, site is very clear and the functionality is state of the art

Country Manager of CasinoEuro in Finland, Carl Dyrendahl, is naturally happy about this. ”What can I say: “It is truly amazing that a Finnish player wins such a gigantic jackpot on our online casino. Once again we can see that a little bet combined with proper enthusiasm can bring joy for the rest of the life.”