Even those who don’t consider themselves fans of the genre, are probably familiar with the Hare and the Tortoise fable. Written more than 2500 years ago, this fable is now used as a source of inspiration by Microgaming who developed a slot game called Mad Dash. Players can enjoy it at selected casinos such as All Slots and Spin Palace, alongside other fabled themed slots.

The software developer to the original concept and tweak it a bit, by making it more suitable for modern living. The animals are still racing but they use go-karts and they have a new contender depicted by the Fox. The Mad Dash logo is the wild symbol in this slot game and the golden trophy is the scatter one, but this time the free spins are not awarded by the scatter symbol.

Players need to choose one of the three animals before the race commences and the number of free spins is determined by the position on which their favorite animal finishes on. As many as 25 free spins can be won, and while they are active all payouts are multiplied x4, so these races are not only very exciting but also have the potential of generating significant profits.

This is not the only fable themed game created by Microgaming, as the software developer also launched the Dogfather slot game. Those who play it at Spin Palace should know that when the wild symbol appears they can win a total amount of 13,000 coins as this is the jackpot line payout. The symbols are all consistent with the shady world ruled by the mafia, with henchmen, moles, guns, knuckle duster’s and cigars scattered all over the reels.