In a time when vampires, zombies and witches are immensely popular due to the upcoming Halloween, Playtech has a surprise in store for those who love slot games. Casino Tropez will be one of the first in its network to feature Dragon Kingdom, the latest creation from the leading software developer.

Players should get ready to embark in an epic quest that will take them in medieval times, where the encounters with fire breathing dragons are daily business. The symbols are consistent with this setting, with kings, sorceress, spell books and potions being scattered all over the reels. It is possible for as many as six symbols to feature on the active pay line, and the direct consequence is that payouts are boosted.

The increase is almost exponential, because while five Dragon signs will lead to payouts of 2500 coins, six of them will trigger the release of a massive 25,000 coins. It’s been quite a while since Playtech introduced its split feature, and in Dragon Kingdom the split symbol is the dragon’s egg. It will feature in multiple winning combinations and depending on where it appears on the reel, the payouts will differ.

Those who are wondering which is the scatter symbol should know that this is represented by the Dragon Kingdom, and when three of them hit, the player receives 15 free spins. There’s also a dynamic multiplier for this feature, and the increments range from 2 to 5 with non-winning spin reducing the multiplier by one unit. On the bright side, it can’t sink below x2 which means that you don’t need to be extremely lucky to win a lot of money at Casino Tropez by playing Dragon Kingdom.