It’s been almost 40 years since Rubik invented his famous cube, and people from all over the world have put their skills to the test ever since. This immensely popular puzzle is now featured in Playtech’s latest arcade slot Rubik’s Riches and the game has already been introduced at Everest Casino.

The developers went to great lengths to preserve the original concept of the game, while making it suitable for online casinos. Players can wager as little as 0.20 credits to as many as 500 units, with the payouts being closely linked to the original bet. When the game begins, the three main faces of the cube feature a random pattern of differently colored cells. Rewards are offered to those who beat the game and there are three different ways of achieving this result.

Arguably the easiest way to win is by having three identically colored squares lined up on a horizontal or vertical line. The largest payouts are awarded to those who succeed in having all the lines of every facet colored in the same hue, by cashing in on all 18 lines. Those who don’t hesitate to bet the maximum amount, can win a total of 4000 credits. Another way of winning is by having the nine squares corresponding to one face colored in the same manner, with an extra payout being awarded.

Even more money can be won this way, with the maximum amount standing at a massive 5000 credits for a single credit wagered. The third and final winning mechanism has little to do with the Rubik cube, but it is just as popular because it awards free spins as well. Both line and face payouts are in store, and these are triggered by the unveiling of different letters that make up the word START.