Online gaming operators have reasons to rejoice, as the Internal Market and Services Commissioner Michel Barnier announced the action plan for online gambling. This industry is growing at an accelerated pace and the concerned parties have been long waiting for a unitary framework. This year, online gaming operators complained about the interference of European Union member states, and asked for a unified legislation and greater cooperation.

The action plan announced by the European commission will tackle these sensitive issues, while also focusing on preventing fraud and money-laundering. All of these initiatives will be implemented over the next 20 years as it takes time to put the comprehensive set of actions into practice. Member states will still be in full control of their regulatory network, but the national laws would have to be in accordance with the European legislation.

Among the short-term goals, Barnier mentioned more effective age verification instruments, and the implementation of content filters. Another sensitive issue is the prevention of fixed matches, and the action plan promises to improve the exchange of information between the concerned parties. The online gambling industry is concerned that the gap separating them from member states could broaden if the new regulations are implemented without consulting both parties.

The European commission announced its intention of organizing broad conferences, so that the effects of the action plans can be evaluated as they occur. A pressing issue that is regarded by specialists as responsible for speeding up the implementation of this action plan, has a lot to do with the complaints filed by online gambling operators against member states.

This summer was full of events, and so far the operators were powerless when confronting national authorities, something that the European commission tries to change. The new set of rules is aimed at restoring the balance and encourage member states to cooperate with the gambling operators, so that the industry will continue to grow.