The European Gaming and Betting Association urges the European Commission to come up with a unified legislation, that will benefit both players and online casinos. Created by some of the most prominent European casinos, such as Expekt and Bwin, the EGBA has been one of the strongest supporters for a transparent licensing system.

By making the licensing conditions more clear and straightforward, the Association hopes that the European Commission will create a more favorable climate for online casinos. With many of them running into unexpected problems such as the ones caused by the latest German gambling regime, a unified European legislation appears to be the answer. The German affair is particularly upsetting for online casinos, because the obstacles erected by the authorities are difficult to overcome.

The German players represent a significant part of the gaming community, and the new licensing system threatens to decrease the number of customers that online casinos have right now. The situation appears to be even worse in other states and unless the European commission takes action, EGBA fears that the impudent actions will continue. With new complaints being issued on a daily basis, the European Commission has a hard time in addressing them quickly enough to mitigate losses suffered by casinos.

As the European Gaming and Betting Association pointed out, overarching legislation exists for many online services and gambling shouldn’t be an exception. Despite the current problems, the industry is growing at an accelerated pace with Expekt and other members of the EGBA reporting increasing profits. The industry is expected to grow by 30% by 2015 and by that time the European Commission should have a common legislation that all the members stayed with respect.