These days, most online casinos offer their games in two separate formats; as downloadable software, or in an online form where you play the games using your browser. Newcomers to internet gambling should read on, in order to learn about the differences between the two and their relative pros and cons.

The main advantage of downloadable casino games and slot machines is their often superior graphics and sounds, which contribute to a more enjoyably gaming experience. Because the games are being played on the user’s own computer, there is no need to restrict the size of the game, which allows for the use of more extravagant technology to offer the player a more aesthetically pleasing game.

With an online only casino game, the graphics and sounds tend to be more basic, as internet connections differ from player to player and the main priority for the casino is ensuring that the game runs quickly, smoothly and efficiently, without as few delays as possible. This is achieved by making all the files required to run the casino game much smaller and cutting out the bells and whistles.

The main advantage of the non-download versions of internet casinos and slot machines, is their convenience. As the games tend to be in a Flash format, no extra files need to be downloaded, so the player can simply log into their online casino account, deposit and play away. Furthermore, the player does not even have to be at their own computer; they can log in from work, an internet café, a friend’s house or anywhere with internet access.

The knock on effect of not having to download your favourite online casino games, is that you will have more space on your hard drive and you can play in your preferred internet browser. Download versions of casino games and slot machines tend to be quite large. With a decently modern computer this shouldn’t be a problem though, as hard drives nowadays are very spacious.

The other major factor to consider is reliability. When playing online only casino games, any interruptions to your internet connection or problems with your PC might interfere with your gaming experience to a greater degree.

When playing a downloaded casino game, the software will often try to reconnect automatically and utilise other built-in features that attempt to keep the game running smoothly. Online only games tend to suffer more reliability issues and have fewer recovery features. Don’t worry about losing money though, the standard approach taken by online casinos is to void any ongoing bet if the connection drops (but if you are concerned and have a poor internet connection, be sure to check the policy of the casino you play at, just in case).

All in all, it is fair to say that neither online casino game format is superior to the other, but each is different. Both download and non-download formats have their respective positives and negatives and players can utilise both, depending on their circumstances at the time. Serious players who spend a lot of time using the software might benefit from the download kind, whereas more casual players likely prefer the quick and simple access to non-download casinos.