After a string of disputes that prevented the release of more Marvel Comics themed slot games, it seems like Cryptologic has finally reached an agreement. The best proof is that Wolverine and Captain America have been recently released and they are now available in most online casinos powered by their software, including William Hill casino.

An important mention about these slot games is that they are not connected to the Marvel Progressive Jackpot, so those who hope to scoop a large prize should look elsewhere. Despite the fact that they don’t feature any jackpot whatsoever, both slots have a 50 pay lines and most of the traditional features of regular Marvel games are present.

Those who have played similar games in the past, will probably remember the original Captain America and Wolverine. While some will be a bit disappointed by the lack of innovation, others with notice and appreciate the attention paid to details, because it is obvious that the latest installments are much better looking. The hero in both games represents the wild symbol and it can appear stacked on any reel.

The largest payouts are generated when the wild symbols appear on one of the first to reels, and in addition to the money awarded, they also enchant the player with some cool animations. When more such symbols appear on the reels, the prizes are boosted and the effects are downright spectacular, which explains why Cryptologic chose to include these two titles in the Action Stacks category.

The scatter symbols are the Sabretooth in the Wolverine slot game and the Captain America logo in the game bearing the same name. They can appear on the second, third and fourth reels and three of them will trigger the bonus feature which awards 20 free spins and doubles the payouts.