It is not like Microgaming and Cryptologic shook hands this Halloween but the two software developers came up with two exciting titles for those who want to celebrate the event at home. Even if you have plans this Halloween, the Alaxe in Zombieland and Zone of the Zombies games are already available in selected casinos, so you can enjoy them right away.

The first slot game was developed Microgaming and just as the name suggests, the action takes place in a universe that is very similar to the one depicted in Alice in Wonderland… only spookier. Instead of the regular Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse we’ll have characters that have a more sinister appearance. Everything is in complete accord with Halloween and those who have a stomach for gory creatures, limbs and blood drenched weapons will love their time with Alaxe in Zombieland.

Cryptologic’s attempt to appeal to Halloween enthusiasts with a keen eye for slot games is also cashing in on the increasingly high popularity of zombies. These are the vampires of our times and Zone of the Zombies has plenty of them, so you won’t feel miss them at all. There is also a hero which luckily represents the scatter symbol as well and it is therefore responsible for considerable payouts.

The zombie girl is not your average pretty girl but a fearsome warrior nonetheless and when it appears you should brace yourself for some grisly animations. Overall both Zone of the Zombies and Alaxe in Zombieland brilliantly combine generous payouts with scary animations and images that bode well for Halloween. Those who prefer Microgaming’s take on zombies, should check out Mr Green and the other casinos in their network, while Cryptologic fans will get their fix at Intercasino.