Software provider Playtech brings something new on the market and Casino Tropez is one of the first to embrace the concept of 21 Duel Blackjack. Those who are familiar with traditional Blackjack will love the new game and will pick up the basics immediately as the two games are very similar. The difference resides in the fact that in 21 Duel Blackjack all hands that have a total of 21 are equal.

The new game starts with players making the ante wager and those who want can place and additional 2 up side bet, with a bet size ranging between one and three hundred units. Both the dealer and the player will be dealt two cards, with an additional two community cards to be placed faced up on the table. While the player will have one card faced up and one faced down, he won’t be able to see any of the cards that the dealer has.

This is the moment when the player can resign and lose the antes or choose one of the community cards and use it in conjunction with the face up card. By doing so the ante wager will be matched by an additional bet, which will be placed next to the chosen community card. The next important decision for the player is whether to hit, which implies that his face down card is revealed or stand. If he goes bust, he loses the pot otherwise his hand will be calculated by using his two cards and the community card.

For the dealer there are fewer decisions to make, as he is compelled to hit on 16 or lower while standing on 17. The player loses if the dealer has a hand above 12 while his own is below this value and if the dealer’s point total is less than 13 the player wins the ante bet and splits the additional bet. The trick behind the 2 Up wager is that the players win 20 to 1 if his face up card and the community ones have the same value, and 3 to 1 if they contain a pair. This money is paid regardless of who wins the hand.