It is not the first time that a Casino Tropez player wins a fortune playing their online games, but this payout couldn’t have come at a better time for user Aswad. What makes his achievement even more impressive is the fact that he is lucky streak spans on three days, and between January 5 and 8 he won in excess of $2 million.

For this lucky player the best things come first, as January 5 was the day when he scooped $ 1,579,000 while playing Gladiator slot game. This is one of the most popular titles at Casino Tropez and was inspired by the events depicted in the Oscar awarded movie. In addition to using symbols that evoke the action in the blockbuster, this slot game also features various original clips from the movie.

Only two days later, Aswad did it again this time playing the Pink Panther slots, which are also inspired by television. The player got lucky twice the same day and won in total more than half a million, and he struck gold once again the following day. Compared to these profits, the payout received while playing Santa Surprise slot game is not so impressive, still there is no reason to frown upon a $300,000 jackpot.

While Aswad is without a doubt the most successful Casino Tropez player so far this year, he was not the only one to become a millionaire in 2013. Johanna from South Africa chose to broaden her scope and her perseverance was well rewarded, as she won more than  ZAR 1.5 million in the same period as Aswad. The year couldn’t have possibly started better for Casino Tropez players, but this is definitely just the tip of the iceberg and many more of their players will add their names on the list of millionaires.