Playtech has released its latest version of Double Attack Blackjack Online and Casino Tropez is one of the first casinos powered by their software to introduce it into its rotation. The new installment promises to be as exciting as its prequels, while offering a set of new features aimed at mesmerizing new players.

One of the main differences separating the new game from other versions of Double Attack Blackjack is that it is played with eight Spanish deck featuring 48 cards. Basically, all the tens have been removed from the deck and the rules of the game are slightly different if compared with traditional blackjack. The player places an initial wager and then the dealer receives two cards, with only one of them being faced up. Depending on the cards revealed, the player can place an additional wager or stick to the initial bet.

After this stage, the game becomes very similar to regular blackjack, with the player being dealt his two cards and decides whether he wishes to draw for an additional card or not. The player has the prerogative of doubling the initial wager and place this bet and the one called the Double Attack. Players also benefit from insurance if they want, and the dealer check for blackjack in a similar fashion as it does in traditional blackjack games. The surrender feature is also available for those who want to use it when eligible.

Overall, the new set of rules benefit players greatly, which explains why the payouts have been tweaked and now blackjack only pays even money. Playtech Double Attack Blackjack introduces a brand-new feature called the Bust It side bet which requires that dealer to go bust with exactly 3 cards. If the player exercises his option, the dealer automatically draws the third card regardless of the player’s cards total.