Amusement parks have always captivated people of all ages, and it comes as no surprise that Rival Gaming’s latest released was welcomed with open arms by Casino Titan players. This is one of the first online casinos to introduce the audience in the overly exciting world created by Rival Gaming, but there is a good chance for others to walk in their footsteps.

It all begins with a fascinating introductory video, which briefly presents all the main attractions that players will later encounter while enjoying Midway Madness. All the important things in an amusement park such as the Ferris Wheel, Rocket Ship, Tilt-A-Whirl and Log Flume are depicted as symbols. There is even one symbol representing a little boy who doesn’t feel too well as a result of excessive eating, but players will surely enjoy seeing him as this is the one award in a prize of 15,000 coins.

Although Rival Gaming slots are not frequently resorting to playing card symbols, it looks like the software developers made an exception with Midway Madness. These signs can appear on every real, unlike the clown which stands for the wild symbol and only pops up on the other reels, without awarding line payouts. Regardless of what winning combination a player might come up with, funky animations will accompany it, with all of them being consistent to amusement park activities.

As many as 25 free spins are awarded to those who discover three or more symbols depicting tickets and during the free spins, the payouts are increased three times. There are a couple of cool minigames aimed at spicing things up, involving Bumper Cars and Skee Balls so the odds of getting bored while enjoying Midway Madness are virtually nonexistent.