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Necker Island slot game live at BetVictor

This slot game will be gradually introduced in Microgaming casinos including BetVictor Casino which is at the forefront of releasing online casino games. Necker [...]

Blackjack Strategy: Six Common Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, but as gamblers, we should always be looking to learn from them and avoid making them again in future. Every mistake [...]

Blackjack Strategy: Playing Multiple Hands

It isn’t uncommon to see blackjack players playing more than one hand on the same table. Most online casinos also offer this feature to [...]

Roulette Systems – The Truth

Have you ever seen those adverts promising you a guaranteed way to beat the casino’s roulette tables? Or maybe you just have a friend [...]

Think Like A Professional Gambler

One of the key factors in taking your gambling up to the next level, is the correct mental attitude. A professional gambler must show [...]

Making Your Slot Machine Play More Rewarding

Whether you have a favourite local casino or prefer to play online, playing slot machine games can be great fun. The slot machines are [...]

Casino Strategy: Let It Ride

First introduced to the public back in 1993, Let It Ride is a casino game based on poker, whereby players wager on a five [...]

Blackjack Strategy: Table Selection

There are many different tactics and strategies that can be employed when playing the popular casino game of blackjack, and each one will have [...]

The Five Best Casino Wagers – Part Five

In the fifth and final part of our guide to the “Five Best Casino Wagers”, we take a look at the casino card game [...]

The Five Best Casino Wagers – Part Four

Next up in our series of rewarding casino wagers is Pai Gow Poker, which offers a house edge of 2.30%, making it fourth in [...]