Make sure you get a great bonus when signing up with an online casino, it will give you a considerable amount of extra money to play for. Here we list the best bonuses available right now and explain how different bonuses work.

Current Bonuses

These casino bonuses are your best deals today Monday March 30th 2020:

Bonus Facts

Everyone wants to start on the right foot when joining a casino for the first time, and the gambling establishments offering such games are almost always providing members with tempting incentives. Most of them come in the form of bonuses, which are awarded when a player creates an account, makes his first deposit, reloads his account or reaches a certain membership level. There are different prerequisites for the bonuses to be released and players are sometimes compelled to roll over the amount several times.

Welcome Bonus

These are also known as sign-up bonuses and are offered to new members one time, usually when they create their account. Some casinos offer them with no strings attached, meaning that the players can start using these funds to experience the thrills of one of the many games available. Others are matching the first deposit with the bonus amount that can be just as high or several times higher than the deposit.
In both cases the players are expected to roll over the money at their games of choice, before being allowed to withdraw any money. Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully, because some casinos will block any potential winnings if the user attempts to withdraw the money before the conditions have been met. Naturally, when any suspicion of fraud exists and members are suspected of having several accounts, the dubious ones will be locked down and all the money confiscated.

Reload Bonus

Every now and then, the online casinos offer a reload bonuses for their clients who are willing to make another deposit. Sometimes this happens after long periods of inactivity but there are no certain patterns, so players could expect to have such opportunities virtually anytime. The conditions are fairly similar to the welcome bonuses, because a percentage of the deposit would be matched with the bonus amount. It can range between 50% to way about 100% but in most cases these reload bonuses are lower than the sign-up ones.

No Deposit Bonus

These are the kind of bonuses that everyone wishes for, and they are similar to welcome bonuses, especially because they are offered to new members. The casino claims that there are no strings attached and all of the player has to do is to enjoy his money by playing any of the games. Whether as an incentive to jump on the bandwagon or as a way of reigniting the interest of inactive players, the no deposit bonus is a win-win situation. The amounts are small, rarely exceeding $50, but since these are presents there is no reason to frown upon them.

Preferred Deposit Bonus

Sometimes the casinos are trying to make a certain electronic payment method more popular with their clients, and they do so by offering preferred deposit bonuses. The most generous online establishments offer double digits bonuses, but the more frequent ones revolve around the value of 5%. Since you don’t have anything to lose as a player, it doesn’t hurt to consider the suggested deposits and cash in on a nice bonus, as long as these methods are convenient to you.

Loyalty Bonus

The name pretty much speaks for itself, because these bonuses are awarded to those members who are very active and play regularly. Being a long time member is definitely a bonus and those who have a history with a particular casino should expect occasional gifts. In most cases though, the players need to work hard for their bonuses and climb up the ladder to reach a certain status, which involves wagering significant amounts. What usually happens is that the casino earns enough money as a result of players achieving high ranks that they can afford to offer generous loyalty bonuses.

VIP or High Roller Bonus

These are the bonuses awarded to those rich customers who don’t hesitate to invest thousands of dollars to satisfy their hobby. In order to qualify for these rather generous bonuses, you need to have an impressive bankroll and to really enjoy the games. It comes as no surprise that these are some of the highest bonuses online casinos offer, because those who benefit from them are not really interested in these presents. This means that there are less chances for users to exploit and hunt these bonuses, and it is more likely that in the end the casino will reclaim the money.