The game designers from Net Entertainment seemed to be at their best once again during the release of Boom Brothers, which is, according to their official website, the second platinum video slot of the company. We certainly do like things with platinum quality and Boom Brothers do indeed fulfil all the criteria you could set for such games. It has smooth gameplay, beautiful graphics, and, most importantly, it also is a lot of fun.

Theme and Graphics

The storyline of the game is based around hard-working dwarves that like to go around their huge mine and blow things up with their ingenious explosives. And players do get a chance to enjoy all that fun with numerous quirky animations and hundreds of clever details. The symbols are very thematic as well, depicting the dwarves themselves, their mining tools, bombs, and railtracks. All of that is combined with a soundtrack that completes the atmosphere of a large mine with plenty of space for adventures and discoveries.


Like all slot games, Boom Brothers also have some special game features – some are fairly classic, but some are a bit special. First of all, there is the classic wild symbol that does not only work as a substitute for all regular symbols, but that can also get you up to 7500 coins on its own.

The second special feature come with the easily-identifiable free spins symbol. Three or more free spins symbols activate a fairly random – yes, almost everything is random in Boom Brothers – number of free spins that are guaranteed to get your heart pumping. After all, a x3 multiplier is used during all of them – and additional free spins can be won as well, paving the way to generous rewards and jackpot-like payouts.

Finally, staying true to the erratic nature of the Boom Brothers, there is also a completely random second chance feature that can be triggered by any no-win spin. You just never know what is going to happen and on what occasion – it is unpredictable, but it is also a lot of fun!

Bonus Game

A winning bet line of five pieces of track will activate the bonus game feature, which is going to give you an opportunity to add a healthy amount of coins into your virtual wallet. Your task will be to navigate one of three Boom Brothers through the mine by making your pick from various carts that allow the dwarves to move forward. Three distinct treasures lie at the end of the cave , each with a different range of possible rewards.


Boom Brothers are not going to impress you with unbelievably high progressive jackpots – but that has never been the intention of its developers. Instead, this video slot is going to offer you a fresh gaming experience with its unconventional theme, fancy graphics, and great payouts. Give Boom Brothers a spin at your favourite online casino – it is probably not a game with which you are going to spend a lot of long nights, but we are convinced that you will be returning to it from time to time.

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Rating 3.9 by CasinoGamesReview