Microgaming has another surprise in store, and Spin Palace is one of the first online casinos in its network that will present its members with the chance to experience the benefits of the Bonus Blackjack. The game doesn’t stray too far away from traditional blackjack, so if you have some sort of experience with this highly popular game, the transition will be silky smooth.

There are few differences, but the most important one is revolving around the hole card which is distributed to the dealer. In case his face up card has the value of ten or is an ace, the dealer will check for blackjack which represents a bonus for the player. Furthermore, those who fancy a strategic approach to think they have what it takes to count cards, will rejoice knowing that Bonus Blackjack is played with only two decks of cards. It is a step forward from the standard six decks play, not to mention that when playing online one can take as much time as he needs to ponder his next move.

The dealer will be compelled to hit on soft 17, while players can split three times which means that they can play as many as four hands at once. In addition to this, they can double down on any two cards before or after a split, but it is important to remember that aces can only be split once. Those who choose to perform this action will only receive a single card and if this has the value of ten, the total amount will not count as blackjack but 21.

As for the bonus, those who choose to play Bonus Blackjack at Spin Palace, should know that any spade jack plus an ace will lead to a 25:1 payout, while the Ace and Jack of spade will double that amount. In order to qualify for the bonus bet, players need to place it along the ante wager but given how generous the potential winnings are, it is worth making this investment.

Many of those who choose Microgaming games are attracted by the fact that their titles can be played using the auto play feature. Players can choose to put their game on autopilot, and select as little as five auto deals up to a total of 500. While the game will be played on their behalf using the strategy card, players will be stripped of their ability to make the decisions they consider to be the best.