Net Entertainment, one of the best providers of online casino games, is always following the latest trends, so it is not hard to see the reasons behind its decision to release a vampire-themed video slot game of the highest quality. Sometimes, however, these fashionable trends do not transfer that well into the actual products. Thankfully, that is not the case with Blood Suckers – in fact, the game is so good that it can easily stand alongside other premium video slots.

Theme and Graphics

Everyone seems to be into vampires right now – and this slot game has indeed been designed with that craze in mind, although it is a little bit more old-fashioned than one would probably expect. Fans of traditional stories are going to be thrilled, however. Holy potions, crucifixes, garlics, and scary vampires – that’s what you are going to find on the symbols.

And, as if that was not enough on its own, there are the special symbols, which are indeed going to send some chills down your spine with images of bloodied weaponry and vampires assaulting their unsuspecting victims.


When it comes to gameplay, the Blood Suckers video slot has the full package with three special symbols that make the game so exciting that you are going to stay glued to your screens for long nights.

Firstly, there is the classic wild symbol that can act as a substitute for any other regular symbol – but a winning row of five wilds can also bring you up to 7500 coins on its own.

Secondly, there are the scatter symbols that can trigger ten free spins, giving you plenty of additional value for your hard-earned cash. Apart from being free, these spins pay three times more than the regular ones – a very good deal indeed.

Finally, there are the bonus symbols, three or more of which can trigger the thematic bonus game.

Bonus Game

Vampire killing is no laughing matter, but we are sure that you are always going to like the opportunity to help humanity and earn plenty of coins alongside the good deed. The bonus game that is featured in the Blood Suckers video slot will give you a chance to do just that. You only need to get a winning bet line of three or more bonus game symbols. A number of coffins will then appear on your screen – pick a few and hope for the best. With a little bit of luck, a nice amount of coins will land in your wallet.


There can be no doubts – vampire-themed books and movies are topping various popularity charts these days. So why could not a vampire-themed slot game do the same? It certainly could – and Blood Suckers are indeed proving to be very popular in many of the world’s biggest online casinos. And, thanks to its old-fashioned take on the theme, we are sure that the game is not going to go out of fashion anytime soon.

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Rating 4 by CasinoGamesReview