When playing Blackjack – either online or live – there are a number of side bets that you might like to take advantage of. You can back or lay other players to win and lose, there are opportunities for you to pick which hand(s) you believe will get Blackjack, and in some instances you can even put your money on the dealer! In fact; it is hard to think of a Blackjack bet that is still to be conceived.

The most common type of Blackjack side bet at a casino is backing another player to win. You simply put down multiple times their initial stake and follow their progression to the showdown, at which point you collect should they win. This is good policy if you are standing behind an accomplished player who is regularly profitable and you can use their experience and skill to enhance your wallet.

Online, there are so many more varieties. Many web based casinos offer betting on which hand will get closest to 21 and progressive jackpots if you are fortunate enough to catch 777 – particularly in spades. You can also bet on the range of numbers shown in the dealt cards and whether your cards are paired or suited. One of the most flexible sites is the Betfair exchange games site where you can bet on any specific hand winning, back the dealer, bet that all dealt cards are unique or that one or more players has five cards. There is also the option to lay bad hands, so if they lose you win!

When playing Blackjack yourself, you can tip the odds in your favour by doubling down when the cards lay appropriately. With certain side bets the house has no edge at all. With the “Highest Hand Bet” you get evens when you win two handed, or two to one if playing three handed. The house actually pays 2 to 1 (or 7/2) if the hand you backed gets a Blackjack. By backing the same hand to win each time and increasing your stake when successful – similar to the Paroli system – you should win long term. Only do not double your stake each time, because all your winnings will go on your next bet. Maybe increase your bet by 50% so that some of your profit stays in your pocket!

For players with an in-depth knowledge of blackjack, the option of being able to bet or lay any of four hands simultaneously (plus the dealer) is a big plus towards visiting the Betfair site, but it is a lot different from taking on the dealer “mano a mano”. Using a system to consistently win requires discipline and does not allow you to interact with the cards – you are reliant on somebody else’s (or a computers) decisions. If you prefer your Blackjack played the old-fashioned way, then maybe it is better to visit one of our other recommended casinos.