Now that everyone knows what Bitcoin is all about, many of us have starting to ask the question of whether that currency can also be used in any casinos that are out there. Here we look at different Bitcoin casinos and what they offer.

The advantages of playing with bitcoins at a casino are indeed quite interesting for those of us who fancy a few spins from time to time. First of all, Bitcoin is completely virtual, so there is no need for you to be worried about any bank statements and credit cards. And, to top things off, it is also more anonymous than any of the other options, which is definitely a really nice bonus, especially given how rare anonymity is these days.

There might be some disadvantages as well – for example, the currency isn’t really very stable right now – and most of us are probably still quite short of Bitcoins, but there you go. Chances are that we are all going to have a Bitcoin wallet at some point, so let’s take a look at how the landscape of Bitcoin casinos looks right now. Of course, things might change quite dramatically in the future, but it is hard to think that the casinos that have taken the early lead will go away completely.


StrikeSapphire is one of the first Bitcoin casinos that can match all the regular ones in many areas, as it also offers poker in addition to classic single-player games that you would naturally expect to see at a casino like this. At StrikeSapphire, things really aren’t any different – there are plenty of games to choose from, the user interface of the entire thing is really simple, and there are interesting bonuses and competitions you can participate in. If there is anything to criticize at all, it would probably be the graphics – but that is a thing that is certainly bound to improve over time.

Bit777 Casino

Those who are looking for a Bitcoin casino that could match the regular ones should also give Bit777 Casino a try. Developed by a company with plenty of experience in the area, it offers a decent range of games, interesting jackpots, and, from time to time, good special offers. For example, there are mystery jackpots to be won aside from the regular ones – and, since they are awarded randomly, you can simply sit down at one of the marked tables and play with the knowledge that riches might come to you out of the blue. Finally, it also seems that this Bitcoin casino currently stands above the rest of the field in terms of customer support, which is professional and available at all times.


Those who are looking for simplicity – and there is no doubt that many Bitcoin users are seeking just that – should definitely check out bitZino, which has quickly established itself as one of market leaders due to its friendly user interface and easy navigation. Its unique selling point, however, is that it is provably fair – the casino publishes the most crucial tech details and allows players to verify the fairness of every single dealt hand through a javascript hand verifier. If absolute trust and fairness is what you seek, bitZino will certainly be among your favorites.

Bitcoin Video Casino

Bitcoin Video Casino might not look very interesting at first glance, but you should nevertheless give it a shot – it is a clean, quick, and elegant casino that provides the entire basic infrastructure that you are ever going to need. If you are willing to forgive it for being very bare in terms of graphics, you can be sure that it is going to deliver in the other areas. And, to top things off, it is one of the very few Bitcoin casinos that are currently offering a stand-alone application for Android.


As you can see, the Bitcoin casinos landscape is a bit rugged at the moment, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying what it offers. Every single one of the Bitcoin casinos mentioned here has something special to offer – whether it is bitZino’s transparency or Bitcoin Video Casino’s stand-alone Android application. The best thing is that none of them come with any strings attached and that withdrawals are usually very quick, allowing you to try out the various options before deciding what casinos will become your favorite ones.