The online gaming market is full of interesting slot games, but only a few of them are as colorful as the Big Kahuna video slot game from Microgaming. The designers of this well-known company have once again managed to do a great job and created an easy-going and fun slot that excels in simplicity. Big Kahuna offers some great prized without making it complicated and should suit anyone out to simply have an easy shot at winning a decent amount of cash.

Theme and Graphics

A thoroughly enjoyable tropical island atmosphere is in store for players who decide to give it a few spins – and it goes without saying that most of them are going to stay for much longer. The regular symbols feature exotic fruits like pineapples, melons, and oranges, alongside some of the island’s inhabitants. Meanwhile, the special symbols depict grinning monkeys, ritual masks, and powerful volcanoes which will always remind you that a great win might be just around the corner.To top things off, traditional sounds are going to accompany you during your stay.


As we have already mentioned, Big Kahuna is not going to confuse you with any complicated features. Instead, it is going to let you enjoy the game without any distractions. Don’t worry though – the usual features are all there and some even come with a nice little twist.

Firstly, there are the classic wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbol can help you complete your most common fruit winning lines, while the scatter symbols add to your payline wins and those separate scatter wins are then multiplied by the total number of credits staked.

Furthermore, there are two bigger bonuses that will take you to simple minigames. The volcano bonus game will allow you to win up to 2 500 coins – you will only need to select the right fruit offering (don’t worry though, you will always get at least a small reward). The mask bonus game, which is triggered by a winning line of three or more mask symbols, will let you select from various masks until you discover the collect symbol that ends the game. In total, the mask bonus game can boost your stack by up to 4 375 coins, which is indeed a very generous amount.


Big Kahuna is not one of those poster games that online casinos promote on their front pages, but it is nevertheless a game that deserves your full attention for its elegance and simplicity. It really is all about taking things easy and enjoying the relaxing tropical atmosphere without any meaningless distractions – there is even an autoplay feature available for those who would like to just sit back and watch the symbols and coins flying around! Couple that experience with a classic slot game full of eye-catching graphics and you just know that you are in for a great time.

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Rating 3.6 by CasinoGamesReview