When Casino Tropez announces a brand-new set of treasure themed games, you can rest assured that players have a great opportunity of winning big. This online casino has always favored beautifully designed slots, and never gave up on some of its most popular titles. Desert Treasure and Captain’s Treasure for instance have hundreds of fans amongst players, and the revamped versions branded as Desert Treasure II and Captain’s Treasure Pro should enjoy the same popularity.

While some of the core mechanics were preserved, the latest installments are a certain visual upgrade for the slot games that Casino Tropez’ players grew to love. Those who can’t let go and prefer the old versions will be glad to hear that they are still available, and it is entirely up to them to make the transition or not. Desert Treasure was developed by PlayTech and it was responsible for awarding some of the most impressive prizes in October, with South African and Australian players leading the pack.

The reason for why this slot game is so profitable, is that the jackpot line payout stands at a massive 10,000 coins and the bonus rounds and tripled payouts only spice things up. The symbols create the mirage of on oasis, include several creatures specific to arid areas and overall succeed in creating a desert like atmosphere.

There are many similarities between Desert Treasure and Captain’s Treasure, which explains why the revamped versions are also very much alike. Before they get the chance of producing the same number of winners, the old versions provide players with the perfect mix of adrenaline and profits. Maurice from Switzerland is the latest winner as he raked more than €50,000 while playing Captain’s Treasure at Casino Tropez.