For US-based players who love slot machines, it is still very difficult to find online casinos that cater predominantly to them. Rushmore Casino, Slots Oasis Casino and Cherry Red Casino are a part of the Rushmore group and they belong to the select few who serve mainly American players. This explains why so many big winners who choose American themed online slots are located in the United States.

7s And Stripes is a very popular three reel slots game that has a single pay line, but this did not represent an obstacle for Lawrence L who recently won $23,470. One of his countrymen that goes by the name of Norman G walked in his footsteps and won a bit over $6000. There is also a progressive jackpot making 7s And Stripes appealing, and the various symbols of 7s and bars are easily recognized by Americans.

Every now and then a lucky player gets the jackpot combination on the active pay line, with a red, white and a blue seven in this exact order. Despite the fact that this was the game that awarded the highest prizes lately at Rushmore Casino, Triple Twister is a slot game that offers better odds for players. It is probably not the best moments to advertise storms given the fact that Sandy hurricane is in full swing, but strictly from a slot enthusiast’s perspective, Triple Twister can be very profitable.

Christine C won $4,691, but the biggest payout at Slots Oasis went to a player from beyond borders, more precisely Paul from Norway who won over $5000. In this game the weather vane is the scatter sign while the wild symbol is represented by the twister, and this can replace any other symbol including the scatter one. It can expand over all of the reels and besides the cool animations it also generates triple payouts.