Those who choose All Slots online casino did so because it offers the broadest selection of slot games online, and stunning visuals. Swedish players have another reason to stick to this international casino, now that it has launch a portal dedicated exclusively to them.

The idea behind this move is to make it easier for players using the Swedish kronor as currency to deposit and withdraw money. Given its great functionality across all three major platforms including instant play, download and mobile, this portal will greatly simplify the players’ mission. In addition to enjoying a more responsive platform and the aforementioned perks, players will also be awarded a huge welcome bonus. It will be 10 times more generous than the regular one, so Swedish players shouldn’t be surprised that there limit will be lifted to 2000 kronor.

It is known that Nordic players in general and Swedish ones in particular are mostly fluent in English, but many will appreciate the fact that everything will be available in Swedish as well. This includes but is not limited to promotions and bonuses, customer and security support, or banking options. Those who felt that the language barrier prevented them from experiencing the thrills of online slots, will find the changes made by All Slots online casino inspired.

The basic idea behind any online casino, is to provide players with the feeling of comfort and security that a brick and mortar establishment won’t produce. Having the interface in your own language helps a lot, and with a simple click players can download hundreds of games or play them in browser. Many of those Swedish players who look forward to experience the excitement of Beach Babes online slot game and compete for its impressive jackpot, should make their move now.