Slot machines use internal computers to generate random results each time the lever is pulled or the button is pushed. The one thing that slot players can count on is that someone has to win, or else people would stop playing! There are several tips you can use to win at the slots the next time you hit the casino.

Loose Slot Machines
Slot machines are programmed to pay out anywhere from 83 percent to 99 percent of the money they take in, but very few of those machines are actually programmed in the 96 percent to 99 percent range. The machines that pay higher are called “loose slot machines”.

Since the chances of winning on a slot machine are totally random, the best way to play the slots is to find the ones that are pre-programmed to pay out more. Watch people playing the slot machines to see which machines tend to pay out more than the others. Ask the locals that frequent the casino which machines tend to pay more based on their experience – there’s no substitute for experience in the casino.

Stick With It
The greater a jackpot is on a machine, the more difficult it can be to win it. A machine that has a £1,000 jackpot will require a larger investment from your bankroll than a machine that pays £100. At some point, that machine will have to pay out a jackpot. If you are truly interested in winning that jackpot, then the best way to do it is to stick with the machine and keep playing it until it hits. But remember that it is random, so it could be expensive.

Playing the Odds
If you see someone win the jackpot on a slot machine, do not assume the machine will not pay off again for a long time. That machine is just as apt to pay off as any other machine. Avoid thinking that, because a machine has not paid off in a while, that it is due to produce a winner – that is not the case statistically and repeat jackpots do happen. Your best bet when it comes to winning at the slot machines is to find those machines that tend to pay more, and stay with them.

The locals can be a good source of winning slot machine tips, but the casino employees can also help you find winners as well. Ask the casino floor staff, such as the waitresses and attendants, which slot machines they generally see paying out the most money. If you find an employee that gives you sound advice, then tip that employee if the casino policy allows. If you score big based on that employee’s advice, then you should definitely tip the employee again.