Those who chose Unibet as their online casino, have the rare opportunity of entering the exotic tournament taking place in St Maartens. With a prize pool of €15,000, the Unibet Open Casino Challenge will be hosted on December 6 by Casino Royale. The event includes Blackjack and American Roulette competitions and the lucky winners will be traveling to the Caribbean at Unibet’s expense.

Unibet offers five €2500 packages per week between 8-22 October and the money includes the buy-in of over €1000, a four night stay in a luxurious hotel, travel expenses and a bundle of extras. Qualifying for one of the packages couldn’t be easier, as players have to do nothing more than to play at one of the roulette tables in Unibet’s live casino. Each time they wager a bet, players will earn two points if they win, one point if they lose while a breakeven bet will trigger no reward.

As you play, you accumulate points and the standings are clearly visible on the website, so that players can know how close they are to finishing among the first five. One thing that is worth taking into account, is the fact that players have to opt in for the promotion, and they should pay attention to entering the correct names and usernames. Only live casino roulette tables award these points, and one person can win a single package while those who win but are unable to attend will have their prize forfeited.

In order to have their traveling expenses deducted, players have to show proof of their booked flight to St. Maartens. Unibet reserves the right of using the winners names and pictures for commercial purposes, but after all a little fame doesn’t hurt, especially when you get the chance to compete in one of the most exciting casino tournaments.