Following the deal signed between 888 and Warner Bros in 2011, the online casino introduces Nightmare on Elm Street slots. Scaring for all the good reason, this game promises to keep players at the edge of their seats while rewarding the lucky ones generous payouts. Those who enjoyed the horror film released in 1984, will be pleasantly surprised by the attention that developers paid to details.

Nightmare on Elm Street is not only visually appealing but also very easy to play, with players selecting the amount of lines they want to bet on by clicking on the arrows located close to the lines display. These become active pay lines, and if the player wishes to change the bet per line he’s instructed to use the arrow buttons for navigation. The amounts are visibly displayed, so when the scatter and bonus wins are paid there are no doubts about how much the player will earn.

Wins are multiplied by the credits made per one line, with the scatter symbol being the exception because these wins are multiplied depending on the total bet. Something that players should keep in mind is the fact that only the highest win shall be paid on any active a line, and players can see how much they won by checking out the “paid” window. Those who have highroller ambitions can easily bet the maximum amount each single round, by checking the “max lines” box.

Educated players would probably wish to learn more about potential winnings, and that’s why 888’s latest slot has a paytable bottom instantly available. While playing Nightmare on Elm Street is a lot of fun, those who don’t have the time to spent in front of the computer can take advantage of the autoplay option. The computer will do all the work, until the player decides to stop the autoplay and get behind the wheel.