49s SiS Lotto GameThe 49s lotto game, operated by SiS, is always popular with betting shop regulars and now you can join in the fun online! 49s is a twice daily draw, featuring a “Lunch Time” draw at 12:49 and a second “Tea Time” draw at 16:49 (17:49 in the summer).

Where To Play

Any of the major high street bookmakers will allow you to play the 49s draws, so you could try the likes of William Hill and Coral, but the best place to play the 49s online is Paddy Power, as their payouts are bigger than their rivals. They also allow more flexibility in the number of balls you can choose – many bookmakers will not allow you to go for all six numbers.


Both of these lotto draws feature 49 balls, where six main balls will be drawn first, followed by a “Booster Ball”.

Players must first decide how many numbers they wish to try and guess and then the size of their stake. Any returns from the 49s will be determined by the number of balls chosen by the player and the size of their stake, as detailed below. All chosen numbers must be drawn in order to win the prize.

To increase their chances of winning, 49s players may opt to include the Booster Ball but accordingly, the potential payout is lowered.

49s Payouts

Regular Draw (only six numbers)
One correctly chosen number = 6/1
Two correctly chosen numbers = 60/1
Three correctly chosen numbers = 650/1
Four correctly chosen numbers = 7,200/1
Five correctly chosen numbers = 111,110/1
Six correctly chosen numbers = 1,000,000/1

Booster Ball (all seven numbers)
One correctly chosen number = 5/1
Two correctly chosen numbers = 40/1
Three correctly chosen numbers = 350/1
Four correctly chosen numbers = 3,000/1
Five correctly chosen numbers = 30,000/1
Six correctly chosen numbers = 500,000/1

NB: The exact 49s payout may be slightly more or less depending on the bookmaker used. These payouts were taken from Paddy Power, who generally pay better odds than their rivals when it comes to the more frequently won 49s prizes, as well as allowing players to choose six numbers and go for a seven figure payout.

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