Everest Casino are giving away $30,000 throughout the month of January, in their terrific new “Casino Conquest” promotion! Conquer as much territory as possible in the Casino Conquest, and capture a chunk of the $30,000 prize pool!

Each week in January, four Royal “Battles” are taking place throught the land of Everest Casino, in the kingdoms of Video Poker, Blackjack, Slots and Roulette!

There is a different game each week, but the rules remain constant – deposit $20 using the relevant coupon code, then simply earn as many crystal points as possible. Top the leader board and capture a slice of that territory’s bonus chip!

Here is the “Casino Conquest” schedule at Everest Casino, this  January:

Battle 1: January 2nd to 8th – Video Poker
$5,000 in prizes to be won.
Use coupon code VPOKERBATTLE

Battle 2: January 9th to 15th – Blackjack Battle
$7,500 in prizes to be won.
Use coupon code BJACKBATTLE

Battle 3: January 16th to 22nd – Slots Battle
$10,000 in prizes to be won.
Use coupon code SLOTSBATTLE

Battle 4: January 23rd to 29th – Roulette Battle
$7,500 in prizes to be won.
Use coupon code ROULETTEBATTLE

Successfully conquering all kingdoms will net you further prizes too – collect an extra $50 bonus by earning a spot on all 4 battle leader boards, plus the player with the most crystal points at the completion of all four battles will collect a cool $5,000 prize!

Don’t forget about Everest Casino‘s welcome bonus either – if you don’t yet have an account with Everest and want to get involved with the $30,000 Casino Conquest promotion, register today and qualify for a 100% deposit bonus (up to $100)!