The £1 Million Cash Giveaway celebrates one month of existence today but it will run live for one full month, so time is still on our side. Sky Vegas casino announced its intention of boosting the profits made by their users this spring and there are no restrictions whatsoever, hence no painful compromises.

Unlike other similar campaign where players are supposed to choose between a select number of games or wager certain amounts, the £1 Million Cash Giveaway has no strings attached. There is no need to opt in and you can simply hop on by playing your favorite game for real money. One of the few requirements is for players to play through £10 on their game of choice to earn their first tickets.

The more money they venture, the more tickets they collect and a distinction needs to be done between slots and table games. Players receive a ticket for every £10 they spin at the former, while table games will require an investment of £50. What makes this campaign special is that you collect tickets as you go without pressure and each new day the cycle starts all over again.

Players are advised to check their Sky Vegas account history to monitor their progress and see how many tickets they’ve collected. The ultimate goal is to turn over 1000 regular tickets for a golden one, because the more golden tickets you have, the better the chances to win the £100,000 Golden Jackpot. The winners will be unveiled on April 22nd during the final week of the £1 Million Cash Giveaway and the prizes will be paid within 48 hours.