888 is known as a steadfast partner for poker players, and it was one of the first poker companies who operated online at the highest quality standards. This explains how it is possible that no less than 40 million tournaments were played through their platform, and the company finds this as an excellent reason to celebrate. Because there is no better way of kick starting a party than by offering free money to poker players, 888 runs a string of freerolls having a prize pool of $10,000 each.

The campaign began on October 4, but time is not lost for those who are ready to make their first deposit at 888 because the free rolls will take place on a daily basis until November 2. The prize pool is huge for free rolls, and this explains why the interest for these events is considerable. Existing and future members should sign up for the upcoming freerolls as soon as possible, to make sure that they have a spot booked.

A maximum of 8000 players are accepted in each tournament, so the competition will be intense both at and away from the poker tables. New members should also be aware of the fact that 888 has a particularly generous first deposit bonus that consists of as much as $400. The deposit is matched 100% up to this value and the money is released in fix increments of $10, with a minimum deposit of $10 being required.

Qualifying for the promotion is a breeze and no matter how high the ambitions of new players might be, 888 will be happy to oblige. For the lucky winners of the $10000 freerolls, the need for new deposits will be rendered virtually useless, except for those who want to take advantage of the casino’s exclusive promotion for high rollers.